75 Golf Puns, Jokes, & One-Liners That Are Tee-rific

We all love a joke.

When playing with others, a chunk of the round is spent having humorous discussions and enjoying every other’s firm.

As with anything though, it’s always funnier and even better if you can incorporate some particular humor into your sport – on this case, golf.

Some of them might use golf slang, some could additionally be dad jokes, and others might have your mates in hysterics, contributing to enjoying the game. The jokes may even lighten the temper when your game isn’t going so properly.

So, read on to seek out out some of the best golf puns and funny golf sayings that you have to use to get one up in your buddies.

What are Golf Puns?

A golf pun is a joke that takes a phrase or words in the sport and they’re then adapted right into a humorous manner. For instance, green there carried out that. The authentic being ‘been there accomplished that’.

Golf puns have been around for as long as we will remember, notably amongst amateurs. They are well-loved for adding an additional snort or two to the round, depending on how good the joke is.

After all, golf is all about having fun with the sport and having fun, so any ways that encourage that in a friendly method are at all times welcome.

75 of The Best Golf Puns Explained

People laughing from golf puns near the golf car on the playing course

Here is a list of a variety of the best play on phrases in golf and their meanings:

  • May the course be with you – Star Wars reference: ‘May the force be with you’
  • That was par-fect – a par being the variety of photographs a proficient golfer ought to complete a round in
  • Green there accomplished that – play on phrases of ‘been there accomplished that’
  • Fairway to heaven – play on words of Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
  • Green and bear it – play on words of ‘grin and bear it’
  • Kiss my putt – play on phrases of ‘kiss my butt’
  • Swingin’ within the rain – related to song Singin’ in the Rain
  • Let’s have a par-tee – party time after making par on the course
  • You’re a social putter-fly – if you’re somewhat outgoing on the course, you could be generally known as this rather than a social butterfly
  • I’m having a rough time – if you can’t get out of the rough on the course, this may be you
  • Let it tee – rather than let it be
  • You are my cup of tee – rather than tea, might be used as a chat-up line to a fellow golfer
  • Lost fore words – you could be speechless at how your shot ended up which means you needed to shout ‘fore’
  • Who’s the caddy? – a play on phrases of ‘who’s the daddy?’ or the best
  • I like big putts and I can’t lie – you can work this out for yourself
  • The Duke of Hazards – play on phrases of the movie, The Dukes of Hazzard
  • That is a chip shot – as an alternative of an affordable shot
  • No ifs and putts about it – somewhat than ifs and butts
  • See you a round – play on words with the greeting ‘see you around’ you may use after ending a round
  • Call me the golf-father – quite than the godfather
  • Ball or nothing – as an alternative of ‘all’, although in golf you’ll take the ball or nothing too
  • I am going to visit the Golf of Thailand – rather than Gulf
  • You are the most effective, by par – play on words of ‘best by far’
  • You’ve got to inexperienced and bear it – as a substitute of grin and bear it by getting on with it
  • I’m golfing tomorrow, wooden you like to hitch me? – the picket club as an alternative of would
  • Putter late than never – as a substitute of better
  • You stay putt – rather than put
  • It’s ball or nothing – somewhat than all
  • You’re driving me up the wall – referencing a driver
  • Down putt not out – instead of but
  • That shot was so dangerous it nearly had me in a hos-putt-al – rather than hospital
  • You spend more time in the sand than Pamela Anderson – a star of Baywatch, a TV program set on the beach
  • It’s fore the best – as an alternative of for
  • Golf forth and prosper – rather than go
  • I’m not sure about that fringe – could possibly be used to joke along with your friend’s hair in addition to the grass
  • It doesn’t get putter than this – as an alternative of better
  • I love our friend-chip – including a chip shot in the word friendship
  • Happy hole-days – as a substitute of holidays
  • You’re very eagle-tistical – somewhat than ego
  • What a load of trap – don’t think we have to explain this one
  • You have a lot of par-severance – instead of perseverance
  • You’ve got putter fingers – if you can’t grip the membership properly, this works nicely instead of butter
  • You are tee-riffic at golf – play on phrases of terrific
  • I fore-give you – as an alternative of forgive
  • Asking fore a friend – somewhat than for
  • This is by par the best golf course I actually have played – instead of far
  • Earned your s-wings – added the s, in golf it means you may have proven your ability and skill
  • A tee-mendous shot – as an alternative of tremendous
  • As par as the attention can see – somewhat than far
  • You e-putt-omize everything good about golf – as a substitute of epitomize
  • That was un-fore-gettable – quite than unforgettable
  • To tee or not to tee, that’s the question – instead of be
  • A chip off the previous block – the same phrase, just golf related
  • Wipe your tee-rs – instead of tears
  • Hole-d on a minute – somewhat than hold
  • You are my cup of tee – somewhat than tea
  • Green, aren’t you! – as an alternative of keen
  • There’s just one fairway to settle it – utilizing honest way as one phrase instead of two
  • Just fore-get about it – as an alternative of forget
  • The hole is too par away – somewhat than far
  • You are driving me loopy – play on words utilizing drive
  • Want to go to the club? – not the membership you are pondering of
  • I can see you going par in life – instead of far
  • It was en-golf-ed in the fire – instead of engulfed
  • In a land fore, fore away – somewhat than far
  • Fore-get me not – instead of forget
  • Keep an eagle eye on the ball – fairly literally
  • Thanks fore a fantastic game – instead of for
  • You’re an eagle beaver, aren’t you? – as an alternative of eager
  • Always look fore-ward – quite than forward
  • Can’t golf you out of my mind – somewhat than get
  • He sported a hole-istic approach – as a substitute of holistic
  • I appreciate the in-fore-mation – as a substitute of information
  • Fore-merly, she was an excellent golfer – rather than formerly
  • Keep your eye on the ball – this applies to golf too
  • How To Create Your Own Puns in Golf

    We encourage readers to boost their game with some of their own golf puns and enjoy sharing them with their pals or family members on the course.

    It’s simpler than you assume. If you are not sure how to get started, just search some common golf phrases and play around with them so the puns sound just like current words. For example, ‘par-fect,’ tee-riffic,’’ and ‘birdie-licious.’

    Have a suppose and give one a go on your next round…

    5 Funny Golf Jokes

    Below are 5 of the best golf jokes round.

    Q: What is a golfer’s favorite bird?

    A: An Eagle

    Q: Why did the golfer put on two pairs of pants?

    A: In case he received a gap in one

    Q: What are golfers most scared of?

    A: The Bogeyman

    Q: What is a golfer’s favorite factor that their associate says to them?

    A: Talk birdie to me

    Q: What is a golfer’s favorite film?

    A: The Shawshank Redemption

    Read more: Famous Golf Quotes From Legends Of The Game

    Best Funny Golf One Liners

  • Golf balls are like eggs – they’re white, offered by the dozen, and after per week, you have to purchase more.
  • Would you want a cup of tea with that slice?
  • Your swing is like being in the military: left, right, left, right
  • I’m a scratch golfer – every time I hit the ball, I scratch my head and wonder the place on Earth it went.
  • The finest wood in a lot of golfer’s bags is the pencil.
  • Should I name 911? Seems like you are choking.
  • My dog wouldn’t discover that even when it had bacon round it
  • Golf is like taxes – you go for the inexperienced and come out in the hole
  • I shot one beneath on the course today – one under the tree
  • I didn’t get any work accomplished at present, I was too busy puttering around
  • Final Thoughts

    Now you understand some of the finest one-liners to make use of in golf, some golf dad jokes, and a number of the greatest golf puns.

    Whether they’re funny or not is down to you and what you consider them. Hopefully, you loved them and can use some yourself now. If not, a minimum of you probably can put one collectively for optimum influence with you and your golfing buddies.

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    Jack was impressed by his Grandad Ron’s golfing and grew up taking half in this nice recreation. Now, he enjoys both taking part in and writing about it. He can additionally be an enormous sports activities fan too. Jack is always in search of methods to search out the edge on the course to share with readers.

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